About Us

We are a community of men who get the most out of life by living from their hearts.  As a man, naturally, I deeply resonate with the male journey in life.

If you are a man, know that wherever your journey takes you, know that there is a tribe of other men experiencing life through a similar lens. You are not alone. Come join our community. Send us a message on Instagram, or WhatsApp.

(Don't ask me why the quality of the picture is garbage. I tried.)


The origin story

From Aaron, the founder of Men Of Earth:

"Since I was 14, I loved wearing colorful shirts. From palm trees to birds to floral patterns and plants…

Shirts like these give me a sense of freedom. Of self-expression. Of saying: This is who I am, and I love it.

The time has come to share this passion.

Over time, I developed an eye for what makes a shirt stand out from the crowd.

Because let's be honest, most shirts with patterns do not stand out. Or too much!

For Men Of Earth, I commit I finding a selection of patterns that are perfectly bold, yet stylish while accounting for individual p.

I carefully select the shirts that signify a sense of freedom for me, inspired by nature and infused with style.

If you catch me not wearing a patterned shirt someday, please call my mom and ask her if I am alright.

Jokes aside, I hope you love the shirts as much as I do.

The world needs more men who live from the heart!"

Lastly, here is a couple of pictures of our founder, Aaron.